Balance Board Skate Board

Color: Black edge
Balance board is an effective way to maintain some healthy motion and exercise while standing. The structure of the board is soft and quiet which enables natural, comfortable and easy use while working. Balancing minimizes the feeling of body weight, activates the deep muscles and boosts the consumption of energy. The Balance Board can be used with and without shoes. Standing on the board without shoes on feels natural and pleasant.
  • Includes a hook for hanging: While you are sitting or cleaning the floors, balance board can conveniently be hunged at the edge of the desk with the hook included in the delivery.

  • Finnish furniture birch. Soft and comfortable surface material enables easy use while working

  • Quiet in use

  • Manufactured from environment-friendly and completely recyclable materials.

  • Does not contain nitrile materials (PVC).

  • Easy cleaning: just brush, hoover, or wash with water.

  • Handmade in Finland of high quality materials

  • A two-year guarantee – covers mistakes on facture or material

  • Size 60 x 40 cm, thickness around 6 cm  

  • Weight 2,2 kg


  • Balance board decreases fatigue and swelling of the feet and legs, by improving the circulation and metabolism. It increases the return circulation of the veins.
  • It boosts the consumption of energy, meaning an increase in the burning of fat
  • Balancing on the board activates the deep muscles.
  • Use activates the pelvic area, which aids in maintaining a normal posture of the neck, shoulders, and back.
  • It minimises the feeling of weight in your body.
  • Feeling comfortable brings joy to your work days.

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