Back pain, neck pain and shoulder pains problems are common reasons for work absences. Humantool Saddle chair relieves these problems.


  • The back and the middle body region are strengthened, because of the activation of the deep, small, diagonal muscle system

  • The movement relieves tensions in the back, which are a result of incorrect sitting posture or e.g. through sport activities

  • Your posture improves, while pelvis is learning to its new more upright position

  • Problems of the shoulder and neck area are decreased by the improved position of the lower back

  • Relieves back pains, while the pressure between the nerves will decline with the help of the movement

  • Improves metabolism and circulation

  • The pelvic floor muscles will become stronger, which e.g. helps to control urinary incontinence

  • Your body will become more solidify and slimmer depending on your daily activity on the Humantool Balance seat.

Saddle chair from Humantool

Movement while sitting, is also medicin

Back pain complaints belong to the most frequent health problems, therefore special attention should be given to treatment and prevention. Many of us sit on a chair the entire working day and during this static sitting posture the back does not receive the necessary exercise. With the help of a Humantool Saddle chair the back receives small pumping movements, whereby the blood circulation of the back is supported. Many professionals highly recommend the Humantool Balancing Saddle chair.


Why our back needs movement?

1) For the well-being of our spines Back pain and neck pain - did you know that Humantool helps ?

In a normal, traditional sitting position back does not get any movement and the vital metabolism is therefore reduced. Due to static and regular sitting the back begins to degenerate.

This is a massive health problem in all western countries, where people are working offices. Problems in the back area are one of the most common reason for absences from work. A human being doesn’t have a natural blood circulation in the spinal structure and therefore the movement of big and small muscles around the spine and vertebra is important for the well-being of the back. Once the muscles of the back are engaged in but a slight pumping motion the muscles around the spine transport along the blood circulation vital oxygen and other nutrients to the back area and between the vertebra removing waste substances at the same time. In this way the metabolism of the back area improves and the back feels better. 

2) To strengthen muscles of the midriff 

When sitting on the Humantool Balance seat small balancing moves are created automatically in different directions. These balancing moves
activate deep muscles of the midriff, which are very difficult to exercise otherwise than by special training moves. The importance of the 
deep midriff muscles has been especially highlighted because they support and protect the spine and their good condition creates a basis
for vigorous being and the abundance of body. 


Occupational health

The second common reason for absences are the back pains from the lack of movement caused by the stabile or wrong sitting position. The cost of the Humantool Balance seat is much less than absence from the work.

Through laws and standards (ISO 9241-5:1998) EU is supporting companies in investing in furnitures and utilities which improve the ergonomics. You can prevent health problems of the seated workers by getting Humantool Saddle Chair for each of them!

Everyday we hear from our customers how convenient they are and many persons are sitting even whole day with the Humantool and most of them feel good when back pains or back problems have disappeared. It is easy to think how much effect this has to their working performance.