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Excellent product!  This Humantool product is so great that I just bought another one so I have one in each car. The lumbar support is great & it's easy to install / uninstall. It made a difference in my back health. (from Sophie Villeneuve on 14/04)

Excellent  I use the backrest on every flight- it's my most essential flying companion. It supports the small of my back and has eliminated the backaches I used to suffer- especially on the long hauls. (from Belinda on 31/08)

Excellent Ten Stars  It has transformed my uncomfortable car seat and after car journeys my back is much less stiff and sore than it was before. Best 98 euro i have ever spent.....apart from the saddle seat i got several years ago and it is still as good as new. Another fantastic freedom of movement product! Many Thanks. (from Anonymous on 07/04)

Makes any seat comfortable for many hours!  This is my second pilot backrest. I originally bought my first after trying a fellow pilot's backrest during a 4 hour mission - my back had never felt better after a flight! I used it on my commercial flight home-it was amazing. I then used it on a road trip in my 1983 land cruiser for 11+ hours. I had to buy a second to keep in the cruiser and the original for flying. (from Anonymous on 29/09)

Excelent First two days it was strange, but now I don't imagine sitting in the car without it.  (from Anonymous on 19/05)