A good ergonomic office chair supports your body in the right way so that you avoid back and neck pain caused by sitting. Many of us sit for several hours a day, but attention is not always paid to ergonomics. Good work ergonomics prevents body pain caused by sitting still. 

Ergonomic chair - this is how you choose the right one

How do you choose the right office chair for you? We are all different sizes, so an adjustable office chair is a good option to get the proportions that suit you. It is especially important to adjust the seat height, this way you ensure that the legs get enough support from the ground, this reduces leg numbness.

Where do you use the office chair? In remote work, the office chair must fit into everyday life and fit into the interior. So take into account mobility, size and material. We often work at the home office at the dining table, which easily mixes work and free time. Pack away the workstation at the end of the working day. The Humantool Saddle Chair is so small that you can easily hide it in a closet and the best thing is that it fits on top of your own chair, so you don't need a separate large office chair. 

Checklist for choosing an office chair:

  • Pay attention to ergonomics, a good office chair prevents body pain caused by sitting.
  • With the help of an adjustable office chair, you ensure the right proportions for you.
  • Where do you work? The office chair should also fit its environment.
  • Office chair at home? When working remotely, special attention should be paid to ergonomics, at home we move less than in the office and often the workstation is not adjustable.
  • Remember the move. Sitting still is harmful to the back, so move during the working day and choose an office chair that also moves you while sitting.