Lumbar support backrest for car

Color: Black Pilot
Lumbar support backrest HUMAN TOOL allows your back rest in a fully supported position while encouraging continuous, light motion. It has a viscoelastic Memory Foam cushioning with a weight balancing effect.
It is ideal for the use in a car, airplane or office chair and it is adjustable to fit with all kinds of seats.
It brings the back into a supportive upright position and thus straightens the spine.
This upright posture serves to minimize strain in back, shoulders and neck.
Quick fixing and releasing. Box is including one belt – can be modified for a car or an office chair.  If you also need separate belts, please order those separately.

Here you can read user comments:

Excellent product!  This Humantool product is so great that I just bought another one so I have one in each car. The lumbar support is great & it's easy to install / uninstall. It made a difference in my back health. (from Sophie Villeneuve on 14/04)

Excellent  I use the backrest on every flight- it's my most essential flying companion. It supports the small of my back and has eliminated the backaches I used to suffer- especially on the long hauls. (from Belinda on 31/08)

Excellent Ten Stars  It has transformed my uncomfortable car seat and after car journeys my back is much less stiff and sore than it was before. Best 98 euro i have ever spent.....apart from the saddle seat i got several years ago and it is still as good as new. Another fantastic freedom of movement product! Many Thanks. (from Anonymous on 07/04)

Makes any seat comfortable for many hours!  This is my second pilot backrest. I originally bought my first after trying a fellow pilot's backrest during a 4 hour mission - my back had never felt better after a flight! I used it on my commercial flight home-it was amazing. I then used it on a road trip in my 1983 land cruiser for 11+ hours. I had to buy a second to keep in the cruiser and the original for flying. (from Anonymous on 29/09)

Excelent First two days it was strange, but now I don't imagine sitting in the car without it.  (from Anonymous on 19/05)



  • Lumbar support and back rest Pilot Spot srings the back into a supportive upright position and thus straightens the spine. This upright posture serves to minimize strain in back, shoulders, and neck. 
  • Humantool Pilot Spot back rest acts as bearing, which the back rests upon while being in continuous light motion. This serves to activate all back muscles and the entire metabolism. When locomotion ends, pain and numbness set in.
  • Infinitely variable and simple height adjustment
  • Special feature of viscoelastic Pharma Foam cushioning – weight balancing effect
  • Ventilation ducts reduce perspiration
  • Fabric is technical material and repeals dirt. Fabric cannot be removed. Surface cleaning with water and detergent
  • Weight 400 g
  • A two-year guarantee – covers mistakes on facture or material
  • Produced in Finland – handmade from durable and high quality materials

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