How to choose a model and fabric?


The Humantool Saddle Chair has two different models, normal and low. Both models are comfortable to sit on and the health effect is similar, but in the low model the movements are slightly smaller and calmer.

NORMAL: Best suited when the seat height can be adjusted. Movement is more active and thus the health effects are more effective. Best suited with a height-adjustable chair or table. Raises the sitting position/elbow by approx. 9 cm. 

LOW: Suitable when the seat height cannot be adjusted. The movement is a little more subdued and therefore requires a little less balancing from the body. It is often best suited for home use, when the height of the chair and the table cannot be adjusted. For example, if the height of the table is approx. 75cm and the chair is approx. 46cm, choose a low seat. Raises the sitting position/elbow by approx. 4 cm.


The saddle chair is available in two different fabrics, wool and technical fabric. The covers are not removable or machine washable. Both fabrics are of very high quality, dirt-repellent and lint-free. 

WOOL : 100%  wool is a high-quality natural material. It is breathable and easy to care for. In the saddle chair, the wool fabric is soft and holds the sitter well. Vacuuming and shaking is enough to clean it. Possible stains can be removed gently under cold water. The fabric does not lint. Wool is a naturally fire-resistant material, so it is also well suited for public spaces. 

TECHNICAL : easy-tech fabric is breathable and very easy to keep clean. The fabric is very durable and lint-free. You can clean it under warm water with detergent and a soft brush if necessary. The cover is not removable.